Opencart 3.x — Admin Order same/detailed email as customer


By default, in Opencart 2-3.x, a letter about a new order of goods arrives to the site administrator in this form:



In order for the letter to be the same type as it is sent to the buyer, you need to modify the standard functionality.


Open file \catalog\controller\mail\order.php


about 270 string

after that code – paste

Further, in the directory of your theme or in the folder of the standard theme (option 2 will be in 90% of cases)



create the folder mail1, create a file in it called order_alert.twig, the contents of this file will be exactly like in the file




Then, in the admin panel, we update the modifications and in the settings (System – Settings – Mail) we remove the check in the New order so that you would not receive two copies of the letter as the administrator.


As a result, after the order you as a site administrator will receive a detailed letter of this kind:






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